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Dream Clean Auto Spa differentiates itsself from competitors via the provision of 100% Full Service Hand Car Wash & Detailing!  We dedicate genuine time and effort into our craft, ensuring every automobile serviced receive our undivided attention.  We offer a wide range of services custom-tailored to meet our patrons needs.  Our services include Compounding, Polishing, Shampooing, Paintless Dent Removal, Wheel Repair, Headlight Restoration, Paint Coating/Protection and much more!


In regards to our products, we utilize only the finest!  Dream Clean Auto Spa proudly  grooms your vehicle with Shine Supply  Car Care Products and  Leather Cleaners to clean, polish, and wax your vehicle.  Continually seeking products with the least environmental impact.  Paruse through our featured packages below and book your appointments to have your automobile properly detailed at Dream Clean Auto Spa...


Our customers have the option to select 1 out of 7 detailing packages, or we can simply fix a "trouble spot" you may have.  Keep in mind that Dream Clean Auto Spa not only specializes in detailing, but provides standard car wash services to meet your needs as well!  Click one of the links below to explore all that Dream Clean Auto Spa has to offer!



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